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This website processes personal data

Our website processes data including your personal data. That will be limited to your IP address if your visit is limited to reading, looking and browsing through our website.

If – if applicable – you place an order fill out forms or respond, more details will be processed.

Below you can read per category:

  • what data we process from you
  • where they are stored and how long your data will be stored there
  • the basis on which we lawfully are allowed to process this data
  • with which party (s) this data may be shared.

We respect the privacy of all customers and users of our website. The information you entrust to us is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality and never shared with third parties without your knowledge.

The privacy condition only applies to our services and this website and does not explicitly apply to other websites or information sources that are linked to from our website. Please consult the privacy conditions of these other websites.

Purpose of processing Personal data and used services


In order to fight internet crimes like, but not limited to: hacking, phishing, spam, spreading of virusses, malware, ransome ware, trojans etc. we team up with one of the worlds leading security services provider for wordpress: Wordfence. In order to use their services, the data you generate by using this website as described below are shared with them. They use this data, among st with those of thousands of other websites to track, prevent and block malicious behaviors.

security services: originating Internet Protocol (IP) address, proxy IP address, url accessed, complete http header, http request body, and cookie’s

Storage at: Defiant Inc. Seattle, USA for the duration as described in their Privacy Policy

Basis for data processing: Legitimate Interest


Google Analytics with anonymised IPs (Cookies and usage data)

Storage with: Google for the duration as described in the privacy terms of the service provider

Basis for data processing: consent

Interaction through (contact) forms

General Contact form (personal details: Name(optional), e-mail address (mandatory), telephone(optional), mobile number(optional))

Storage at: Hosting SimpleOnlineSolutions (datacenter in the Netherlands) for the duration until the request for removal

Basis for data processing: Consent


Interaction through reactions to articles or pages

Reaction form (Name, email address and optionally a website address)

Storage at: Hosting SimpleOnlineSolutions (datacenter in the Netherlands) for the duration until the request for removal

Basis for data processing: consent



Rights of the data provider

Right to information about data processing

As a user of our services you are entitled to be informed about the following:

  • What personal details are requested
  • What is the purpose for which this information is requested
  • Which legal basis applies why these personal details are requested.
  • Where is my data saved
  • How long will my data be stored
  • Will my data be shared with third parties and if so why

Right to Inspection, modification or removal.

You have the right to inspect, change or delete your data on this website at any time. Follow the instructions at “Request for inspection” at the bottom of this page, or on your account page in this website.To the extent that it is not yet technically possible that you can change or delete your data yourself, you can contact us. We will then fulfill your request free of charge (no later than 30 days after request).

Should your request involve deletion of your data where you have previously posted comments with the same user account in the form of comments, forum posts, reactions to forum posts, posts etc. we will ask you if we can anonymize your account.We make this request because your reaction or message can form a connection in a discussion. If we remove your message or reaction, the cohesion can also be lost. Anonymisation will be complete: nothing can be traced back to you as a person, both directly and indirectly. If anonymisation is not possible (eg because your messages or comments contain personal information), or there are other thorough reasons for your request, we can still decide to delete your entire account (including messages, comments, posts, etc.).

Right of objection processing personal data

As far as technically possible you can object to not process personal data.

Note, in order to be able to communicat with us or others by using our service it is a necessity to provide a minimum of your personal data. For example: we cannot contact you if you apply for mor information if you don’t provide an email address. Hence, placing an order in a webshop (if applicable). After all, we must have minimum contact information to be able to serve you.

Right to transfer personal data

You are entitled to your data at all times as known to us in a generally accessible format (excel, pdf, csv ) with as doing this transfer to yourself or third parties.We will send you this free of charge asap (no later than 30 days after request) free of charge

Right of withdrawal permission processing personal data

You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.

Please contact us for this. We will come to a solution in a timely and adequate manner with you.

Right against automated decision-making

You have the right not to be subject to fully automated decision-making. For the sake of completeness we call this right, but is not used within our service.

Right to object to data processing

If you do not agree or if you have complaints regarding the processing of your personal data by us, you can report this to:

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens


Our website uses cookies, if you accept them.

You are not obligated to accept the cookies. It is true that the website works better and we can provide you the best service if you do accept cookies.

Why cookies?

We are looking forward to providing the best possible experience during your visit to this website. For this, the use of cookies is indispensable. Cookies can ensure that you do not see the cookie message if you have accepted it or refused it. A cookie can automatically let you log in. Your preferences can be stored in it. Etc.etc

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that contain information that may affect the operation of the website. These files can be placed on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) or on the server on which this website is hosted (tracking cookies).

Cookies are not harmful to your computer. Moreover, you can always remove them from your computer. Consult the documentation or help of your web browser to find out how to do this. By default, we set the validity of a cookie to 1 year.

Accept or decline cookies

If you visit our website, you will see a clearly colored bar above or below that tells you that this website uses cookies. You will also find a link to these privacy conditions and 2 buttons: 1 to accept cookies and 1 to refuse the use of cookies.

Change cookie choice

Currently it is not (yet) possible to change your choice via the website, unless the cookie has expired and you will see the bar again. If you want to change your choice in the meantime, delete the cookies in your web browser. Then reload the page of this website. You will then be asked again if you want to accept or refuse the use of cookies.

Cookies we use:

Name: _ga

What it does: User statistics of the website

Service: Google Analytics

Duration: 2 years


Name: _gid

What it does: User statistics of the website

Service: Google Analytics

Duration: 24 hours


Name: _gat

What it does: User statistics of the website

Service: Google Analytics

Duration: 10 mins.


Name: ct-ultimate-gdpr-cookie

What it does: if this cookie exists, it means cookies are accepted

Service: website

Duration: 1 year



What it does: a general purpose identifier used to maintain user session variables

Service: website

Duration: untill session ends


Name: wpml_browser_redirect_test

What it does: Tests if cookies are enabled

Service: website

Duration: untill session ends


Name: _icl_visitor_lang_js

What it does: Stores the redirected language

Service: website

Duration: 24 hours


This privacy statement is subject to change without notice. We therefore advise you to consult this privacy statement with some regularity.

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